Course curriculum

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    MODULE ONE: Introduction

    • Introduction: What is a Strategy & Why Do You Need One? Understanding why you need a strategy and the impact it can have on your business will be the first step in taking action towards building a profitable business on social media.

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    MODULE TWO: Goal-Setting

    • Identifying Your Business Goals: You can't have a plan in place without knowing what goals you're working towards. Your strategy should be a translation of your goals so you can easily envision the who, what, and how of your social media content.

    • Assignment 1: SMART Goals Worksheet

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    MODULE THREE: Identifying Your Ideal Client

    • Identifying Your Ideal Client & Buyer's Journey: Knowing and understanding your target audience is the single most important aspect to your social media strategy. Learn how to create your ideal client so you can ensure you're creating targeted content.

    • Assignment 2: Ideal Client Worksheet

    • Assignment 3: Buyer's Journey Worksheet

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    MODULE FOUR: Developing Your Mission Statement

    • Developing Your Mission Statement: In order to succeed on social media, you need to know what purpose you're serving in the first place. Once you know why you're doing what you're doing it will make it a lot easier for your buyer to buy into that mission.

    • Assignment 4: Mission Statement Template

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    MODULE FIVE: Brand Identity

    • Identifying Your Visual & Emotional Brand Elements: Your branding is about how you make people feel which includes your voice, language, and tone as well as your colors, filters, and logos. Learn how to properly identify your brand on social media.

    • Assignment 5: Brand Voice

    • Assignment 6: Mood Board

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    MODULE SIX: Content Strategy & Launch Calendar

    • Content Strategy, Launch Calendar, & Publishing Strategy: Learn how to developing your launch calendar for the next three, six, or twelve months and incorporate it into your content calendar so you can save time and reach your goals.

    • Assignment 7: Marketing Calendar

  • 7

    MODULE SEVEN: 3-Month Campaign Plan

    • Marketing Campaign Plan: You will learn the exact campaign plan I use for my clients to help them get $10k+ launches, sold-out group coaching programs, and full client pipelines.

    • Assignment 8: Trello Content Calendar

  • 8

    MODULE 8: Engagement Strategy

    • Engagement Strategy & Tactics: You will learn reactive and proactive engagement tactics as well as other standout strategies to boost your engagement rates.

    • Assignment 9: Engagement Strategy

  • 9

    MODULE 9: Reporting Metrics

    • Metrics to Track Social Media ROI: It's difficult to see the progress you've made without properly tracking your success. Learn how to efficiently keep track of your data so you can easily determine your social media ROI.

    • Assignment 10: Reporting

  • 10

    MODULE 10: Building your Strategy

    • Putting It All Together: So you know what's in a strategy, now what? I teach you how to take all of the amazing information you just learned and put it together in an organized strategy. I also walk you through a copy of MY exact strategy.

    • Assignment 11: Strategy Workbook

  • 11


    • 100 Social Media Post Prompts

    • Convert Social Media Comments Into Paying Clients

    • Instagram Bio Tactics to Attract your Dream Clients

    • IG Story Conversion Strategy